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02 July 2016
March Edition

Welcome to the March edition of Fun Stuff! Each month will see a new edition of your fun e-zine, with downloads and features just for you.

Horoscopes: Pisces

February 19th to March 20th
Sensitive Pisces are very romantic, often seeking out an exclusive relationship. Because their sensitive nature brings compassion and empathy, they’re always willing to help out those in need. Pisces can be very elusive and secretive, protecting their own inner-self, which can make it difficult for those in a relationship with the ultimate dreamer.

Famous Pisces - Prince Albert, Liz Taylor, Albert Einstein, Richard Gere, Ray Charles, Prince Harry, Peter Falk, Sophia Lauren, Sid Ceasar, Hank Williams, Ted Kennedy.

Download Games

Hangaroo - Try to save the smart mouthed Kangaroo by guessing the phrases!
Download Hangaroo (345kb) [Right-click link to save to your desktop].

Wakeboarding XS - The ultimate wakeboarding game. Great fun on the water!
Download Wakeboarding XS (799kb) [Right-click link to save to your desktop].

Inside: The Hubble Space Telescope (HST)

Like any telescope, the HST has a long tube that is open at one end. It has mirrors to gather and bring the light to a focus where its eyes are located. The HST has several types of eyes in the form of various instruments. Just like some animals can see various types of light, such as ultraviolet light (e.g. insects) or visible light (e.g. humans), the HST must also be able to see the various types of light raining down from the heavens. These various scientific instruments make HST the amazing astronomy tool that it is. However, the HST is not only a telescope with scientific instruments -- it is also a spacecraft. As such, it must have power and be able to move in orbit.


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